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Cancer Center Specialized Services

Cancer Risk Program

The UCSF Cancer Risk Program identifies families and individuals at high risk for breast/ ovarian syndromes, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer by analysis of the family cancer pedigree, assessment of heritable risk, and testing for specific genetic mutations.

Genetic Counseling

The Cancer Risk Program's multidisciplinary consultation service provides genetic counseling and risk assessment to cancer patients whose families exhibit the characteristics of hereditary cancer.  This includes recommendations for genetic counseling and risk assessment for individuals at high risk in these families.

Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

The UCSF Osher Center seeks to transform the way medicine is practiced by conducting rigorous research on integrative approaches to health, educating students, health professionals and the community, and treating patients with compassionate care that addresses all aspects of health and wellness - physical, psychological, social and spiritual.

Symptom Management Program

The Symptom Management Service (SMS) is a consultation service offered to improve the quality of life and care of patients. Patients can be referred to the SMS by their cancer doctor and will be seen by one or more of the members of the SMS interdisciplinary team. The SMS provides treatment and counseling for both physical and emotional symptoms caused as a result of cancer. This includes treatment for pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and spiritual distress. Treatments for these symptoms include integrated medical, psychological, social work and spiritual approaches, offered along with your regular cancer care.
Appointments are at 1600 Divisadero St., or 1825 4th St. Speak with your cancer doctor if you would like to make an appointment with an SMS consultant.

Psycho-social Services

There are psychosocial services, including a psychiatrist and a psychologist, available to all patients. If you are a patient and feel you would like to talk to someone about dealing with the emotional aspects of cancer, please ask your clinician for a referral. You may also like to check out the Cancer Resource Center, which is an excellent place to find cancer information, emotional support and community resources.

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